Leverage Local Marketing in Metropolitan Villages

People moving from the countryside into cities is nothing new but unlike past generations, we Millennials prefer to live in the very heart of the city.  This preference has led to a reduction in car ownership rates and an increase in small apartment living. Small businesses serving these growing metropolitan villages can leverage local marketing to address the unique needs of this group. Here are some ideas for how to start.


Mobile Marketing

People walking around an urban neighborhood are ripe for the mobile marketing picking. iBeacons in display windows can push messages to people walking by to entice them to grab a sweet treat from a bakery, to invite them to try on that dress during business hours, or to offer them free local delivery on their next copy order.

10 Posts to Help You Write a Press Release

I’ve blogged a lot about press releases here, so I thought I’d condense a list of some of the most useful posts. Whether you’re writing your first press release or want some help connecting with the media, you’ll find help here. 1019_4226187 10 Ways PR Has Changed in the Past 10 Years First, let’s start with a retrospective. If you’ve only just started using PR, you’ll be shocked to know that we once mailed — as in snail mail — our press releases to the media! None of this instant publish stuff back then. Read more. Why a Press Release is a Small Biz Owner’s Secret Weapon Not convinced you need press releases? This post will sway you. Press releases remain one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your brand. Read more.

Staying on Google’s Good Side: Tricks to Smarter SEO

With some buzz lately around what Google is no longer recognizing in terms of SEO (like press releases and guest posts), and with Google limiting the information we can glean about what keywords people typed in to find our sites, figuring out the secret to successful SEO has become a challenge. Many of you may feel like it’s all in vain these days, but I’m here to tell you: it’s not.


Here are a few pointers about how to keep on Google’s happy list and help more people find you through search.

1. Shift Your Thinking. Head of Webspam at Google, Matt Cutts recently said that using guest blog posts for SEO purposes is over. Too many people misused this marketing tool, and now if you post to another blog, it won’t necessarily help you rise in search results.

Marketing to Millennials: How to Get the Gen-Y Demographic to Buy

Do a quick search and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of generalizations about Millennials. The most common include:

  • They still live at home (or are very, very close to their parents)
  • They hate management and love to take charge in their own direction
  • They spend their money on technology and nothing else
  • They are sensitive souls who require a ridiculous amount of coddling.609_3514013

These sweeping statements might have a speck of validity to them, but should marketers take them to heart?

Millennials are people born after 1980. This demographic is also known as “Gen-Y.” With approximately 80 million people in the Millennial generation (3 million more than were in the Baby Boomer generation) businesses can’t ignore this market.