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Your Guide to Using Social Video

No longer do you need a fancy camera and equipment to take great videos for your brand. Here we look at social video, the big players, and the details you need to know. Thanks to Ivan Serrano for the infographic.


What the Box says about Your Product (and Business)

We all know the value of developing a trustworthy, authoritative brand for our businesses, which is why we place great efforts in our designs, copy, advertising, marketing, customer support, and all other activities to leave a positive impact on our market and customers.


One element of this bigger, branded picture that doesn’t seem to receive a lot of mention (or effort) is the product box and packaging.

Imagine, if you will, that you have just purchased a product from a company you love; a few days later the package arrives at your home and looks barren, slightly scuffed from the transit, and, when opened, you find they didn’t do a great job at keeping your product safe.

This would change your perception of the business brand, would it not?

There are many types that can bring a significant branding experience:

  • Flexographic – This is your basic printing which gives you usually 1 – 3 colors; it’s ideal for those businesses that want to create colorful, eye-catching packaging while displaying their logo, making it easy to see (including when the neighbors see the package come in).
  • Digital – This is where brand ability truly takes off because it gives you the option of applying full-color print; this type of option would be ideal for those companies trying to present an edgier placement in their marketplace (and want to show they go the extra mile even with something as basic as the packaging).
  • Litho Laminating – This is where you are able to take high-quality photos and have them transferred directly on the box; this is the point where the box almost becomes a product in its own right (some people will keep it for collecting) while also being an item that is bound to draw attention if it’s on store shelves or in transit.

Getting More from Your Transactional Emails

Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, transactional emails are a pretty fantastic way to spur existing contacts into making a purchase. Here we look at tips to maximize your transactional emails, courtesy of Campaigner.

Transactional Emails Infographic_FINAL_EMBARGO 8.26.14 copy

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Sh#% Done!

As I write this, I’m bleary from a delicious brunch and the afternoon sun warming up my office. There’s nothing I’d like more than to take a long, luxurious nap. But alas, there’s work to be done.


Can you relate?

We micropreneurs often have no one besides ourselves to hold us accountable. After all, who’s to stop us from shutting down our computers and spending the day at the beach? Or having a beer in the middle of the afternoon? (Two things which, I assure you, I have never, ever done. Ahem.)

Sometimes we just need strategies to help keep us on track. Here are my own personal tips for self-motivation.