10 Valuable Lessons Learned From The Top Business Books

When I think about all the business books I’ve read, I realize how much I’ve learned. David Meerman Scott opened my eyes to content marketing long before it became a buzzword with his bestseller The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Susan Friedman taught me that it’s better to be a big fish in a tiny pond in Riches in Niches.

smiling young woman sittin on floor with book

You can imagine how much fun I have working as Communications Manager for the Small Business Book Awards each year. I’m surrounded by the very best books published the year before! I don’t even have to hunt for the books that will make an impact on my business; they’ve already been nominated.

I wanted to look at this year’s nominees and share some of the lessons these books have taught us. If you haven’t read some of these, put them on your must-read list.


Double Your Facebook Likes in 5 Minutes a Day

Last month, we learned how to leverage LinkedIn in 5 minutes a day. Now let’s get more out of Facebook. Infographic by WhoIsHostingThis.


Put More Power in Your Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are all those one-at-a-time email messages that are triggered by your existing users whenever they interact with your website or application. Transactional messages could consist of e-receipts, thank you emails, renewal notices, welcome messages or comment notifications to name some of the key examples. This interesting infographic by Easy SMTP highlights how to ensure your taking advantage and making the most out of your transactional email opportunities. Check it out below.



3 Tools You Need Right this Second For Your Small Business

Those of us working in small business wear many hats and work long hours to do it all. Now, more than ever, there are variety of free or almost free tools that allow small businesses to do even more by working smarter while you continue to work hard. Below are some of my favorites that have made the biggest impact on my business and the business of my clients. What would you add to the list?


1. Yesware: Ever wonder if someone is lying when they tell you, “Oh, I never received your email”?

You know you can track emails using an email service provider (ESP), but if your small business doesn’t have one, or you don’t use it to send communication to freelancers or agencies, you are left wondering if your email is opened…unless you install Yesware, a Gmail plug-in that tracks emails sent through Gmail. Although Yesware is marketed towards sales professionals, anyone in a small business can get the same value from knowing if and when an email is opened.