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A Love Letter to Egg’s Clients

Working with a blogger for a client recently, I asked her if she wanted to write a blog post around Valentine’s Day. She replied that she wouldn’t be the best person, because she wasn’t in a relationship. I responded that if she was a small business owner, she was in a relationship! As a business owner, we are in multiple relationships. The first is with our business itself. I love Egg like a child. It’s nearly as old as my son, Max. And then we have the relationships with our clients.

I’m lucky to work with some pretty amazing clients. I enjoy working with them, which isn’t always the case. But when you’ve run a business as long as I have (coming up on 7 years) you start to be picky about who you work with. Years ago, I started casting aside the clients that are time sappers, who wanted more than I could give, and who, in general, were not a joy to work with.

So know that if you’re a client of Egg, Leah and I genuinely love working with you! We adore helping you find your brand’s voice and helping you succeed as a company.

So happy Valentine’s Day to you!

My Heart Is Hers

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