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Burger King, What Went Wrong?

I just saw on The Responsible Marketing Blog Burger King’s latest attempt at marketing.

Imagine a worldwide trek to bring salvation to the masses. Make that hamburgers. Yes, Burger King has wasted thousands of dollars custom making a BK Broiler and serving hamburgers to indigenous people around the world, who, quite frankly, were completely happy prior to tasting the American crap we call food.

But wait, it gets better. They made a documentary of their journey. They show people timidly approaching a Whopper with a fork, or eating it layer by layer.

And they’re calling it Whopper Virgins.

Oh. My. F#$Ing God.

Sorry, BK, you missed the mark on this one. I don’t even like Burger King, but I’ve been very supportive of their advertising campaigns over the past few years. So we had Subservient Chicken, The Burger King, and now Whopper Virgins? Did they fire the ad company that was working with them? Did they hire art student dropouts? Seriously, BK I could have done you far better with far less money. And I wouldn’t have exploited innocent Nepalese to do it.

I hate even writing about this campaign because I do NOT want them to consider it a success due to all the links to the website. Surely they’ll read a few of the rants out about them and revoke the ad.

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  3. Kelvin Kao says:

    It’s true that such a campaign brings a frown to my face, but some people say that bad publicity is better than no publicity (especially when it comes to celebrities). I don’t know. It did stir up discussions on the web. It’s not something that I personally like, but I wonder if it somehow still served the purpose of the advertisement.

  4. Susan Payton says:

    I know, I know. I didn’t want to give that to them, but what can I do? I write about the good, the bad, and the extremely poor taste. Thing is, their SEO might go up, but I think people who are reading this are less likely to eat at BK now. I hope so anyway. Try a Chipotle instead!

  5. bshlensky says:

    I don’t know about this but I am dying to taste their sliders or version there off

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  7. John Flynn says:

    Sometimes bad publicity is bad publicity. I think BK could have done better. I strikes of Americans looking down their noses at other people around the world.

    And yes like most traditional advertising if you gave me 25% of what it cost you to run the ad you could own a major part of the internet.

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