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Six Ways To Get Your Company’s Name Out In Your Community

Even if you sell a fantastic product or service, people cannot buy it unless they have heard of it. This makes getting your name out to your community vital to your company’s growth and success. When you are ready to grow your business and see increased sales, try any or all of these six great ways to get your company’s name into the community.

5 Reasons Why Tangible Advertising Is Still Effective

Many people believe they can market their companies via Internet only. While the Internet is a wonderful platform, tangible marketing efforts are still incredibly effective and necessary. Let’s discuss why tangible advertising is still so effective in today’s market.

Yellow Pages is Still Living in the Dark Ages

Despite rebranding itself as the hip, Yellow Pages is (hopefully) the last of a dying breed of companies who don’t understand that the sales game has changed. Five years ago, I had a horrendous experience when I purchased advertising. […]

Could Banner Ads Be Profitable for My Business?

According to ComScore, the average Internet user will see 1,707 banner adverts a month. That stacks up to a staggering 57 a day. But tell me something: When was the last time you clicked on one of these adverts? When […]