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Should You Take a Working Vacation?

If you’re like my husband, you don’t go on any vacation without your laptop and Wi-Fi. He finds it hard to shut off when we travel, which sometimes makes me crazy. After all, I live for those days or weeks when I can turn off my work life and recharge with my family.


The Small Business Guide To Delegation And Automation

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Ever since you started your business, you’ve been managing it all. It’s you who answers customer service calls. You who makes the coffee. You who bills clients. You who updates the social media. You who…okay, you get my point.

When you first start a company, this is completely to be expected. After all, you’re not yet making a profit, so you want to spend as little as possible on staffing as long as you can handle the work yourself. The problem is, you got into a rut, and now you can’t seem to stop doing it all yourself. But the more you take on, the harder it becomes to manage each item.


3 Tools You Need Right this Second For Your Small Business

Those of us working in small business wear many hats and work long hours to do it all. Now, more than ever, there are variety of free or almost free tools that allow small businesses to do even more by working smarter while you continue to work hard. Below are some of my favorites that have made […]


The Introvert’s Guide to Attending Conferences (Without Falling Apart)

Despite the fact that I talk a mile a minute and love a good gathering, I am an introvert. Working at home, it’s not such a big deal. Attending conferences, like Social Media Marketing World, which I attended a few weeks ago? Well, that’s another matter entirely.