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How to Build the Best Trade Show or Convention Booth of All Time

There are the obvious conventions: San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, and Gen Con. Even outside of the geek and pop culture world there are conventions happening. Portland’s Word Stock will happen in the fall. The American Library Association always has a huge event. Even when the summer is over, the conventions will still happen—they’ll just be a little more spread out…

The Power of the Small Pond and 3 Ways to Profit From It

Never is the value of local marketing more apparent than when travelling or moving. I’ve been doing both recently and noticed that, despite the opportunity, many small businesses don’t do it or don’t do it well. Yet with a few tweaks to existing digital activities, small businesses can take the plunge into their small pond.

The Five Tools You Need to Make a Landing Page Video on a Budget

If you use your website to sell or generate leads, a simple landing page video can be a great tool for boosting your conversion rate. According to a recent study, in fact, 73% of internet users are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video that explains it. But even if you’re sold on trying video for your website, where do you start?

My New Favorite Design Tool: Canva

I should quantify the title of this post: my only favorite design tool. Because I’m not a designer, and I tend to stay away from things that involve stressful activities, like editing in Photoshop. I try to leave that stuff to the experts, but I have to say, with this new tool, Canva, it’s incredibly easy to build designs like this: