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7 Internet Marketing Techniques To Get Your Company Noticed

Leverage Local Marketing in Metropolitan Villages

People moving from the countryside into cities is nothing new but unlike past generations, we Millennials prefer to live in the very heart of the city. This preference has led to a reduction in car ownership rates and an increase in small apartment living. Small businesses serving these growing metropolitan villages can leverage local marketing to address the unique needs of this group. Here are some ideas for how to start.

How to Build the Best Trade Show or Convention Booth of All Time

There are the obvious conventions: San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, and Gen Con. Even outside of the geek and pop culture world there are conventions happening. Portland’s Word Stock will happen in the fall. The American Library Association always has a huge event. Even when the summer is over, the conventions will still happen—they’ll just be a little more spread out…

The Power of the Small Pond and 3 Ways to Profit From It

Never is the value of local marketing more apparent than when travelling or moving. I’ve been doing both recently and noticed that, despite the opportunity, many small businesses don’t do it or don’t do it well. Yet with a few tweaks to existing digital activities, small businesses can take the plunge into their small pond.