How to Make Guest Writing Work for You

Let me start this post by saying I know there’s a lot of controversy when it comes to guest writing these days, at least as it pertains to SEO (search engine optimization).

While Matt Cutts, spokesperson for Google, says that guest writing won’t help your SEO efforts, it does work as a tool to brand yourself and your company. I’m living proof as I’ve been on both sides of the equation.


But there’s definitely a right and wrong way to go about finding guest writing opportunities for branding purposes. Let’s take a look at strategies that have been proven.

Guest Writing Strategies for Branding

1. Pinpoint the Sites Your Audience Reads

This first step can take a while and involves a bit of research, but ultimately, it will decide the fate of your guest writing efforts. You only want to pitch sites that your customers read, and that have a decent amount of traffic. What’s decent? You’ll have to decide (and start small, then grow from there), but a rule of thumb I offer is:

Put together a spreadsheet of the sites that meet your criteria. Also, make sure the sites are updated regularly. Don’t waste your time on those that last posted eight months ago.

Resources for Every Size of Small Business

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sizes of small businesses. Up until recently I — and maybe you too — lumped them all together. But the truth is: not all small businesses are created equal.

Young woman in flower shop with rose arrangement

What Type of Small Business Do YOU Run?

There are those I like to call micropreneurs. We are the lifeblood of our businesses, and we probably don’t have very many, if any, employees. We have very different needs than businesses with offices and departments, but a business with fewer than 500 employees still qualifies as a small one.

10 Types of Content To Spark Conversation Online

Perhaps the biggest challenge online marketers face is finding the most effective types of content to write. You know what you put out on your website, other people’s websites, and social media has to resonate, but how can you find topics to make a splash?


Even the best writers and marketers hit roadblocks when trying to stir up new creativity for a blog post. If you’re stuck in a rut and tired of not seeing people comment, click, like, and share your content, here are a few new content ideas that are proven to spark conversation online.

1. Review something.

You know what your audience struggles with. You also know the tools and services that could make their lives easier. Review those tools and services and let them know what’s available.

Why this works: Reviews are great for two reasons. First, they get the attention of the company you’re reviewing. When they get publicity, you can bet they’ll talk about it. Second, it saves the person reading your article time and helps her overcome something she’s been stuck on for awhile. When you help her, she’s more inclined to share with the world how valuable you are.

Christmas in July? It’s Time to Start Planning for Q4

I know it seems waaaay early to start thinking about Christmas, but if you’re in retail or any field that markets heavily to consumers in Q4, it’s time to start planning now.

Email’s likely going to be a big part of your marketing efforts. Here’s a great infographic from Campaigner that can help you kickstart your plan.

Campaigner_June_Survey_FINAL_6.18.14 jpeg