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Edge Shave Gel’s #soirritating Campaign Not Irritating at All

This just goes to prove it doesn’t matter what you’re selling: if you’ve got a great idea, you can engage people.

Edge Shave Gel just launched its Anti-Irritation Campaign, and is playing off of the double entendre of irritation (in the shaving sense and the generic sense). People on Twitter are encouraged to use the hashtag #soirritating for whatever’s not right in their world, and @EdgeShaveZone just might make their day better.

People tweet about being stuck in traffic. Missing their morning coffee. Forgetting to shave. And @EdgeShaveZone replies with solutions. They have sent people GPS devices, football game tickets, Starbucks cards and shaving goodies. It’s a fun, viral campaign that gets the Marketing Eggspert’s seal of approval.

I even gave it a try. I tweeted that it was #soirritating that my new Tassimo coffee maker had such expensive cartridges. What I was hoping for was some more coffee cartridges for the machine, but @EdgeShaveZone replied offering me a Starbucks gift card. Close enough!

They tie in to this Anti-Irritation concept on, where people vent about what’s irritating them. You can view irritations by state, and the best entries win a weekly $500 giveaway.

Give it a try on Twitter. Tweet what’s #soirritating and see if you get something to make you smile. And come back and tell me here!

Will this sell shaving cream? Only time will tell.

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