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Three Tips on Proper Social Media Branding & Advertising

This is a guest post from Eric Taylor.

It might be easy to explain, and the tips you read around the net might seem easy enough to follow, but there’s a lot that goes into proper small business Internet marketing. It takes the Midas touch to get your fans started down that funnel, and it takes a lot of tweaking the formula and incessant maintenance to ensure your brand is always coming across in a positive light.

Regardless of the management tool you’re using, the analytics you’re receiving, or the response your audience is giving you, there’s never a point at which you can stop your social branding. To ensure long-term success, check out these three tips dealing with the topic.

Step 1: Get Your Fans Started

Proper brand management on Facebook involves you doing something every single day to ensure that your new fans are getting started off in the first phase of your conversion funnel. A conversion funnel is usually made up of five sections, starting with a wide scope, a customer taking an engaging action with your brand, and ending with the most narrow scope, a purchase. In between is the website visit, the product information and review, etc. But this isn’t about the funnel you create; this is about ensuring that your Facebook fans get thrown into the funnel.

New postings like photos, videos, etc. can make your fans take action. As a brand looking to increase its scope and reputation, your fans should always be taking these actions via likes, click-throughs, comments, and other forms of engagement.

Step 2: Real-Life Page Management

It’s not enough that you update your page frequently. You have to inject real life into your Facebook brand. When you look around at the most successful business pages on Facebook, you will notice that there’s an incredible amount of personality exuding from these postings and the way companies stay engaged with their fans via friendly, interactive materials.

However, it’s your job to be diplomatic here, in a sense, and to play to an audience in a neutral fashion. You don’t want to take any sort of stance on issues or to appear to favor one stance over another. Your Facebook page is reflecting your brand’s real life, and your brand needs to present itself as a for-the-fans-only brand that doesn’t side on issues, doesn’t respond negatively, and doesn’t play favorites. Your social marketing success depends on your neutrality and focus on fans.

Step 3: Seek Out Corrections to Make

Using whichever ad-management tool you have, along with Facebook’s new Insight Dashboard, you should be actively seeking to make corrections in any type of campaign. This means you should consistently check out your data to see where your likes are coming from, what your CTR is on ads, how your split-testing is coming along, where are people visiting you from, who is talking about you and what they’re saying, and other vital statistics that will help you create better material.

This is all about brand management and doing whatever is necessary to increase the effectiveness of your brand on Facebook. Reaching success via social media marketing isn’t a destination per se; it’s an ongoing journey that requires constant maintenance and a lot of attention to detail.

Eric Taylor is a business developer and a writer for the Facebook ad campaign tool Qwaya, which focuses on building tools for social media marketing. Qwaya provides information, tools and up-to-date news about Facebook marketing strategies. The site aims to build a sophisticated tool with powerful features that are user-friendly and affordable for online advertisers and marketers world wide.

Photo: webtreats on Flickr

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