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Why I Switched from Constant Contact to MailChimp

You may have noticed in past posts, I’ve been pretty supportive of Constant Contact. I’ve been a Business Partner for about five years, which meant I used the service for free. Now that I’m not bringing in new customers to CC, they cut off my free account. I thought about it. I could continue to use the service I was so familiar with, or I could try something new. And from what I’d heard, there were a lot of great free services out there.

I opted for MailChimp. I know a lot of people who use it and love it, and it’s free. I was really surprised at all the features that came with the free versions (and even laughed at the ones that weren’t free; obviously I’ve gone this far ¬†without customizing my email’s send time to coordinate with time zones, but it’s a pretty cool feature just the same.)

It took me maybe two hours to export my contacts and get my new newsletter rolling. Two hours to unravel a four year relationship. Hm.

And when I emailed Constant Contact to cancel my account, I expected some sort of “no! You’ve been a loyal customer for so long! Please stay!” but I got a form reply saying my account had been cancelled.

It just goes to show that brand loyalty can easily be broken. I wanted to continue using a free product, and I found one. Constant Contact did nothing to make me stay. And with free email products offering so many more services, I think CC will have a serious decline over the next few years. Too bad.

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6 Responses to “Why I Switched from Constant Contact to MailChimp”

  1. marilyn says:

    thanks susan for the info. this has been on my mind for the last few months and i am thankful that you did the research for me. yay. now i just need to set aside a few hours to figure out the transfer.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Marilyn! Nice to see you here. The transfer’s not that bad; I made it into something far harder than it was. Just take an afternoon and you’ll be good!


  3. Hazel Jordan says:

    This is interesting news, and quite timely too, I have just taken up a free trial with cc, and was quite impressed with it and was going to take out the subscription. I will definately have to stop a while and look at the free services available. Thanks Susan

  4. admin says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Constant Contact, but in a marketplace with so many free email marketing tools, the question becomes: why pay?


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  6. Matt says:

    You will certainly make a few switches as your needs evolve. I made the switch from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp because my list was too small and it didn’t pay. As my list grew I got a Mail Chimp paid account. I now actually switched again to because of the Social Media and text to subscribe features. So keep growing your list and good luck.

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