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Wildfire 101: The Future of Social Aggregation

This is a guest post from Christopher Wallace.

One of the biggest challenges of marketing on the Internet is maintaining a consistent image across the various platforms. What we sometimes lose sight of, however, is the larger goal of growth. After all, if business development is your aim, there’s no point of having a Facebook or Twitter page if it isn’t helping you to reach new people and growing your customer base. At the same time, your brand needs to remain consistent no matter how many different platforms you engage.

Fortunately there are solutions that not only allow you to simultaneously update your messaging on multiple platforms and manage your advertising, but also give you the tools to create new viral campaigns to quickly grow your base of followers.

Options and Solutions
There are a several effective options that allow you to disseminate your message on multiple platforms, including HootSuite, Vitrue, SproutSocial, and others, but now industry giant Google has stepped into the ring with its acquisition of Wildfire.

Google is the industry leader in display advertising on the Internet but until now, it hasn’t been able to penetrate the social media space dominated by Facebook and Twitter. Google’s own platform, Google+, has been growing but is still far behind the leader. With Wildfire, Google is now able to compete with Facebook, from within Facebook.

In Wildfire, Google has provided a single place where you can not only manage your messaging across your various social media brand pages, but also your advertising on Facebook. In addition, it provides tools to launch promotional campaigns, such as contests and sweepstakes, to massively grow your audience.

Among Wildfire’s most useful features are:

  • Advertising 
    In terms of business use, Facebook’s ‘killer app’ has always been its ability to finely target your audience. There are few other ways to easily drill down to a very specific demographic and see measurable results like you can through advertising on Facebook. Wildfire allows you those same demographic controls along with the ability to launch multiple campaigns simultaneously, allowing you test the effectiveness of one ad over another.
  • Messaging 
    Like many other services, Wildfire allows you to centrally manage your messaging on a number of platforms from a single interface.
  • Promotions 
    Wildfire’s primary business when it was acquired by Google was promotions and contest management. That part of the business is still a key part of Wildfire with tools to help you set up all manner of contests and other promotions that can quickly grow your following.
  • Reporting 
    The tools listed above are meaningless if you can’t verify and track their performance. Wildfire not only allows for sophisticated tracking of your campaigns, but can also track your competition. It will track the growth not only of your own fan base, but of other companies you ask it to keep up with.

Social media is no longer the trivial arm of marketing that it used to be. For most industries, it is a serious tool that allows us to connect directly with our current and future customers in ways that we’d never dreamed possible only a few years ago. As a serious platform, social media marketing needs to be attacked with serious tools, and so far Wildfire seems to be the most serious of the bunch.

Christopher Wallace is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for, a leading provider of custom company pens and other promotional products such as imprinted clothing, mugs and customized calendars. Christopher regularly contributes to Amsterdam’s Marketing blog.

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